roller coaster

Some people have gone on a lot of roller coasters. Some went on one. Some never went on one. one person at the last minute wants to get off. it went up very slow but it went super fast down people were yelling.

super family

There are three people in my family. My mom Ashley, my sister Jayda and my self Javey. If my mom was a super hero she would be cat woman. her powers are, her cat like speed, clever, agility, reflexes, balance and speedy get aways. cat woman wears fancy outfits so does my mom.

Jayda would be Barbie. She dresses nice, has a lot of animals, a mansion that talks and a closet that picks out your clothes.

I would be the hulk. My powers are becoming more powerful as I get more mad. I’m also very big and strong.

my two dogs

my pit bull loves me. my other dog is mean and scary. my pit bull is nice my other dog tries biting me. my pit bull pushes the other dog away when she tries to bite me. i love my pit bull Ava.

All about Chopsticks

They do everything together. They mastered all the chopstick moves, but one of the chopsticks got hurt.   His leg, it broke. He had to go to the hospital.  He told his brother to go without him.  He went to adventure for awhile.   Then he went back home and his brother was heeled.