wen I got my dog

It was a school day very very early when my mom woke my up. She said come out.  When I came out,  he was there.  He was a baby. He saw me and he jumped on me.  His name is Blue and he is the color blue.

3 thoughts on “wen I got my dog”

  1. Wow! How exciting! What type of dog is it? I haven’t seen a blue dog before, that sounds awesome. Have you taught him any new tricks yet? I bet he loves to play outside!

  2. I have a dog, and his name is Blue, too!! He is also kind of the color blue – though it is really silver. Blue is a labrador retriever, and they don’t generally come in the silver color. I have to explain to people that he is a chocolate lab, with silver coloring. Blue is also my service dog. I don’t see very well and Blue helps guide me when we go places. He is very friendly and is most favorite thing to do is play fetch. Does your Blue like to play fetch?

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