Hi my name is Javey. I’m wondering about China. Is it fun going down the slide at the Great Wall of China? I have heard of Chinese New Year.  Can you tell me about it? How many people does it need to hold the chinese dragon? And what are most popular games in China? Do you now how thay made the Terra-Cotta Warriors? thank you for reading and leaving some answers.

my inquiry project

This is what I did for my project. I learned about wolves. I learned that the alpha male will attack ones don’t follow the rules. They go to the bathroom so they mark their territory. The leaders are the only one that can have babies. They have 4 to 6 pups a year. The pups have babysitters.


My best vacation was going to Oiol to see all my cousin. I was with my dad and I lit fir works and played hide and seek and tag. It was the 4th of July and there were like a 100 people there. It was fun because i slept over. i went swimming with my aunts. It took a long time because got there in a car.