my two dogs

my pit bull loves me. my other dog is mean and scary. my pit bull is nice my other dog tries biting me. my pit bull pushes the other dog away when she tries to bite me. i love my pit bull Ava.

2 thoughts on “my two dogs”

  1. Hi Javey,
    Thanks for sharing about your dogs. People say pit bulls are aggressive. That’s not the case with your dog. Sounds like Ava takes care of you and loves you too.
    ✏️Mrs. Eaves

  2. Hello Javey,

    So great to hear about your dogs. I love dogs and I also take care of dogs. One of the dogs I take care is a female named Charlie. Charlie is a baby pit and my favorite to have stay at my house. She is so loving and so obedient. She obeys me better than my own dog. One thing I enjoy about remote learning is that I get to be home with my dog Zorro. He is such a love and a mix of a lot of different kinds of dogs.
    Miss seeing you,
    Ms. Vas

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