roller coaster

Some people have gone on a lot of roller coasters. Some went on one. Some never went on one. one person at the last minute wants to get off. it went up very slow but it went super fast down people were yelling.

super family

There are three people in my family. My mom Ashley, my sister Jayda and my self Javey. If my mom was a super hero she would be cat woman. her powers are, her cat like speed, clever, agility, reflexes, balance and speedy get aways. cat woman wears fancy outfits so does my mom.

Jayda would be Barbie. She dresses nice, has a lot of animals, a mansion that talks and a closet that picks out your clothes.

I would be the hulk. My powers are becoming more powerful as I get more mad. I’m also very big and strong.

tortoise and the hare

The hare was bragging so much the tortoise was getting¬† annoyed. The tortoise¬† challenged the hare to a race. The hare was going to take a nap. The hare didn’t know the hare fell into a deep sleep. The tortoise won the race and every body cheered.