super family

There are three people in my family. My mom Ashley, my sister Jayda and my self Javey. If my mom was a super hero she would be cat woman. her powers are, her cat like speed, clever, agility, reflexes, balance and speedy get aways. cat woman wears fancy outfits so does my mom.

Jayda would be Barbie. She dresses nice, has a lot of animals, a mansion that talks and a closet that picks out your clothes.

I would be the hulk. My powers are becoming more powerful as I get more mad. I’m also very big and strong.

4 thoughts on “super family”

  1. Hi Javey,
    It is fun to read about your “Super” family. I can tell you worked together with them to write it so that each of you chose the powers you’d like best.
    You are courageous when you write to share with your classmates.
    You are strong (and I hope, not mad very often).
    👊🏻Mrs. Eaves

  2. Great job Javey! It is awesome that your family is super. You are super in general! Though’s shots at basketball are super! Your good friendships are super.

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