all about gatorade

It has different flavors .i like a lot of the flavors . i bottle flip and i cap it a lot . and there’s all different colors.

6 thoughts on “all about gatorade”

  1. It’s cool that you like a lot of different flavors. What is your favorite flavor. Mine is White/Glazer Cherry.

  2. Hi Javey! I hope you are staying hydrated with your gatorade while learning from home!! I miss hanging out with all you guys. I hope to see you soon. Stay cool!!

  3. Hi Javey!

    I love your Gatorade poem. Now I want a Gatorade. We have the same favorite flavor! Glacier cherry is awesome. I hope you are doing well. I miss seeing you in art. Tell your sister hello for me.

    🙂 Mrs. Nardone

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