All about Chopsticks

They do everything together. They mastered all the chopstick moves, but one of the chopsticks got hurt.   His leg, it broke. He had to go to the hospital.  He told his brother to go without him.  He went to adventure for awhile.   Then he went back home and his brother was heeled.

6 thoughts on “All about Chopsticks”

  1. Hi Javey,
    Great job writing about the book. I like how you thought of them as brothers. I agree with you. That’s a great idea. I like how they learned they could be apart. I wonder if it made them appreciate being together more.

    Thanks for you time and effort!
    🥢Mrs. Eaves

  2. Hi Javey,

    Really nice job writing about the book and describing it. I like how you thought about them as brothers. You said one of the chopsticks went on an adventure. I wonder if the adventure would have been the same if both of the chopsticks were together.

    I just finished reading a book, but it was all about football and how to build the perfect team. I think I like the story that your book tells more.

    I can’t wait to see what you will share with us next!

    Mr. G

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